CMI Student Wins Award at NM Student Filmmakers Showcase

CMI Digital Filmmaking Student Hafid Abdelmoula recently won “Best Thriller/Horror Film” at the NM Student Filmmakers Showcase presented by the NM Film Foundation for his film “Baby”. Baby, is short about a male in his early fifties, who is pshycoligically unstable and extremely jealous. Realizing that his marriage is falling apart, which could lead to him losing his daughter as well, he decided to take control of his life in a maniacal way.  When asked about Baby Hafid said, “The film was a final project in directing 2 with Professor Ross Marks. This idea came as a collaboration between Julianna Colunga the writer and myself. We wanted of course to create a horror/thriller short but we wanted it to be different and extreme. After Few re-writes baby was born. I honestly wanted to tell this story as a reflection of what people might do when healthy dialogue is missing in the relationship. Most of the domestic violence and the murdering of people is the product of not only insanity but depression and stress. The story is not about the lead’s action. I wanted people after they watch the film to ask the question; Why did he do that? To me that is the real story of short film baby.”

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