Animation & Visual Effects (BCM-ANVE)

Bachelor of Creative Media The Bachelor of Creative Media is available in either Digital Film Making or Animation and Visual Effects. The curriculum focuses on the art, craft, and the business of storytelling. Students choose an area of emphasis, but they study all aspects of digital filmmaking and digital arts, whether they are aspiring writers, animators, directors, editors, or cinematographers. Theory and practice are integrated at every step as students manipulate text, sound, and images using industry-standard technology. CMI houses a state of the art digital projection screening room, post-production lab, animation lab, and production space. Students must complete a minimum of 120 credits in the following areas: 63 credits in CMI/ CMT**/OCAN** /ENGL/THTR/ ART with a grade C or better; 35 credits of Common Core; 6 credits of Viewing a Wider World; 16 credits of electives.

Creative Media Foundation Courses

63 total credits required


CMI 231 History of Animation (Required Pre-Application class for ANVE) 3
CMI 235 Narrative: Principles of Story Across the Media (Required Pre-Application class for ANVE) 3
or ENGL 235 Narrative: Principles of Story Across the Media
THTR 105 Acting for Non-Majors 3
CMI 232 Storyboarding 3
or ENGL 232 Script Development and Storyboarding
CMI 233 Light, Shade, Render 3
CMI 240 Digital Illustration 3
CMI 250 Beginning 2-D Animation 3
CMI 260 Foundations of 3D Animation 3
CMI 270 Rigging for 3D Animation 3
or CMI 220 Drawing for Animation
CMI 280 Modeling 3
CMI 290 3-D Animation 3
or CMI 350 Intermediate 2-D Animation
CMI 308 Writing for Animation 3
or CMI 309 Screenwriting I
CMI 341 Visual Effects I 3
or CMI 303 Cinema Review and Critique
CMI 401 Motion Capture Techniques 3
or CMI 348 Acting and Directing for Voiceover
CMI 360 Previsualization
or CMI 362 Motion Graphics 3
CMI 332 3-D Character Animation 3
or CMI 450 Advanced 2-D Animation
CMI 365 Character Design and Development 3
or CMI 433 Sets and Environments
CMI 491 3D Production Studio I 6
or CMI 492 2D Production Studio I
CMI 493 3D Production Studio II 6
or CMI 494 2D Production Studio II

Take 18 credits of CMI, CMI/ENGL, CMI/THTR courses as listed in the Animation and Visual Effects major. A minimum of 9 credits must be upper division.

MINOR: Animation and Visual Effects: