Alumni Spotlight

The CMI Alumni Spotlight takes a closer look at our alumni to see where they are now, what they’re doing and to share their experiences at CMI.  Click on a photo to discover more about each individual and to view their work.

We want to feature more of our CMI Alumni, so please contact us at and let us know what you’re up to! 


Maribel Padilla
Social Media Coordinator - PBS SoCal
Maribel is currently working as the Social Media Coordinator for PBS SoCal, the Los Angeles and Orange counties full service PBS station.
PBS SoCal FBPBS SoCal IGPBS SoCal Twitter
Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson is a Commercial and Narrative Cinematographer based out of Albuquerque.
Wilcher Productions
Ryan Hall
Videographer - Air Force Academy
Ryan is currently living in Colorado Springs, CO, and is the Photography & Video Production Specialist for the Association of Graduates of the United States Air Force Academy.
Ryan Humble
Ryan is the lead Media Operator at ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut. He has worked on the X Games, the NFL Draft, college football bowl games, Monday Night Countdown, and just about every studio show on ESPN. Outside of ESPN he also became FAA certified for commercial drone use and started a drone photography and videography business.
Humble Sky Media Website
Beatriz Loera
Beatriz Loera graduated May 2016 and has worked on multiple feature films and television shows as a production assistant.
Thomas DesJardin
CG Generalist / Lighting & Look Dev
Thomas graduated in 2009 and is now working as a lighting TD for Sony Pictures Imageworks in Vancouver, BC. He has worked on films such as Wreck-It Ralph, Book of Life, Arrow, The 100, Series of Unfortunate Events, countless small projects. Most recently The Emoji Movie.
Sheridan O'Donnell
Sheridan O'Donnell is a freelance commercial and film director in Albuquerque, NM.  His production company, Hardline Films, is a full service production company specializing in high-quality video content.
Sheridan's WebsiteHardline Films WebsiteSheridan's Vimeo Page
Jesus Nuñez
Jesus graduated in 2014 and is currently running his own production company, DoubleScope films in El Paso, Texas. He also runs a music studio called Mobius Recording Studio in El Paso.
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