Vehicle CheckOut Form

Authorized Users: Faculty, Staff and Students (with administration approval) with the following:

  • Valid New Mexico State Driver’s License.
  • Valid Certificate of completion from New Mexico State University Defensive Driving Class.

Fueling Procedures: Gasoline fill-ups with in the New Mexico State University should be made with the Departments authorized personnel (ask Barbara Franco for a list of names). Off-Campus fill-ups outside NMSU should be made with personal funds and the receipt given to Barbara Franco (MH- 171) for reimbursements.

Print a copy of the NMSU – Vehicle use procedures

By submitting this form, (signature) below, I acknowledges that I have read and understand the information in the University policy “Use of Vehicles for University Business” and agree to abide by all the obligations and requirements therein. I understand that knowingly operating a University Vehicle while not meeting the minimum driver qualifications may result in disciplinary action, and may void any protections I might otherwise enjoy under University policies.

This Form is for ALL CMI – NMSU Vehicles (Power Generator, CMI Ford Van & CMI Trailer)