CMI Student Wins Award at NM Student Filmmakers Showcase

CMI Digital Filmmaking Student Tony Marquez recently won “Best Experimental Film” at the NM Student Filmmakers Showcase presented by the NM Film Foundation for his experimental film “Point of View”. “Point of View” is an art piece/music video that is about humanity and the contamination of purity. This piece tackles situations such as murder, police brutality, suicide, politics, morality and more. When we are introduced to Purity he is being born from mother earth. It is from there where he is instantly exposed to this horrid world full of sin and corruption, creating anger and sadness to the point where Purity cannot function.

When asked about “Point of View” and his inspiration Tony said, “When I created this piece I wanted it to be based on the ignorance of people who have no morals that surround us. My inspiration was everywhere, it came from the news, social media and even out in about my daily routine. I knew I couldn’t change society, for everyone has their own point of view, so I decided to create a character who did see eye to eye with me and that’s when Purity was born. In my mind I put Purity into this world to see how it would handle itself and without any surprise Purity was not able to function in today’s society. I collaborated with an amazing musician/artist Josh Mikelangelo Brown who composed the song “Point of View”.

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