CMI Student Interns for Summer-Set Pictures

Haley Parson, currently a student in the Digital Filmmaking Program at CMI, recently began an internship with Summer-Set Pictures in September. She commutes to El Paso 2-3 times a week for various projects, including: Uncomfortable Couch, a vlog in which members of the studio sit on an uncomfortable couch and analyze short independent films, Deroga.tori Talks, a podcast “for all offensive and immoral things you talk about with friends at 3am”, and Raven’s Port, an anthology series created by Paul Glenn and Joshua Paul Smith “set in the small town of Raven’s Port, Maine; following a variety of characters as they deal with situations from the criminal to the supernatural.” Her other responsibilities include script writing for film, marketing/promoting filmmaking, cinematography, directing, producing, and set design.


Haley is currently cast as Delilah Shaw on Raven’s Port, a versatile and powerful antagonist, and has recently been asked to be an official member of the Raven’s Port Writing Team as an episode screenwriter. She signed a one-year contract with the studio in September.


We highly recommend you check out the Facebook pages for both Summer-Set Pictures & Raven’s Port which you can find here & here respectively. CMI would like to congratulate Haley on her internship and is excited to see what wonderful opportunities arise from it!

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