CMI Professor’s Music Video Reaches Half A Billion Views







The music video forHigh Hopes” by Panic! At The Disco joined the elite ranks of YouTube videos to break 500 million views this past month. The video, directed by CMI visiting professor Mel Soria, follows lead vocalist Brendon Urie as he makes his way through downtown Los Angeles to miraculously walk up the face of a skyscraper to join his band for a rooftop performance. While a few elements of the video were shot on green screen, the majority of it was filmed practically, with Urie actually scaling the side of the skyscraper, tracked by a camera crane.

The music video won the 2019 MTV VMA for Best Rock Video last year.

This isn’t the first collaboration between Soria and the band—they have a long-standing relationship, with Soria directing music videos for other hit singles such as Death of A Bachelor (color-graded by CMI Professor Sherwin Lau) and LA Devotee.

His portfolio also includes works for other Grammy award-winning bands such as Fallout Boy and TRAIN.

Mel Soria is currently teaching a course in Music Video Production for the Fall 2020 semester.