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Derek Chase

College Instructor
Faculty and Staff

Contact Info
(575) 646-6893
Office: MH 180



Derek Chase is a Digital Artist & 3D Generalist captivated by all things creative. He appreciates each step in the creation process from research & development to the finished product; though, his primary area of focus is in Visual Development. Derek enjoys sharing learned techniques with others and thus has developed a passion for teaching. His teaching career began at NMSU’s Creative Media Institute in 2011 where he continues instruction. Education offers a unique opportunity to awaken another’s innermost talents and nurture their creativity.



Phone: (575)646-6893
Office: Milton Hall 180

Courses Taught

CMI 220: Drawing for Animation
CMI 233: Light/ Shade/ Render
CMI 240: Digital Illustration Techniques
CMI 260: Foundations of 3D Animation
CMI 270: Rigging
CMI 280: Modeling
CMI 365: Character Design and Development
CMI 433: Sets and Environments