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The Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University offers the Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing, a 3-year program. It’s an intensive immersion in the writing life, with workshops in poetry, fiction, in nonfiction writing, screenwriting, writing for digital media and others. Our mission is to emphasize the creation and critical analysis of literature, so that our students can be part of the national conversation about writing, graduating with a publishable manuscript. Our graduates have gone on to media, education, and publishing careers. Dozens of books have been published, numerous awards and fellowships have been awarded, and  since the degree’s founding in 2001, we have prepare our MFA students to contribute to their communities as writers, publishing professionals and teachers. 
Application Requirements

Application Requirements

  • Personal Statement
  • Writing Sample
  • Resume or CV
  • Minimum of 3 Recommendation Letters
  • Application Deadline : Admit for Fall semesters only with a February 1st deadline.

For more questions, please email Connie Voisine

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Western Interstate Commission on High Education

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

New Mexico State University participates in WICHE, the Western Interstate Commission on High Education, a tuition exchange program. Residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are eligible for in-state tuition. For more information: 


MFA Program Requirements

About the Program and What to Expect

The MFA is for dedicated students who want to hone their writing with the support of their professors and the community of writers at NMSU. Since joining the Creative Media institute, creative writing students have increased opportunities to engage with genres of writing for digital media such as for a web series, animation and for television. Our distinguished faculty are active in their fields, have won numerous awards and are committed MFA mentors. For three years, you will write, read, participate in our Nelson Boswell Distinguished Visiting Writers Series, and work on our internationally recognized literary journal to develop artistically and professionally.  

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GA Information

Graduate Assistantship Information

The deadline to apply for a Graduate Assistantship must be submitted as part of the application in SLATE by February 1.

All applications for assistantship support should include a statement of teaching interest, should be addressed to the Creative Writing Faculty, and should provide, discuss any experiences that you believe would be relevant to have prepared you for teaching writing, such as working as an assistant, tutoring, editing, or volunteer work. Discuss what you believe students of writing(fiction or poetry) should learn. Reflecting on your own learning method, how might you approach reaching a student like yourself? Given the opportunity to teaching writing, you could talk about which of your favorite authors you would like to teach, and what these authors could offer your future students. The standard assistantship is for 6 consecutive semesters.

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