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Movies and Scripts Check-Out Policy

Creative Media loans DVD movies and movie scripts to CMI Faculty, Staff and CMI Students for projects, class assignments, and academic purposes Only.

  • You must be a creative media student to check-out a movie or script.
  • Returning of this movie/script is your responsibility.
  • You can return this movie within 3 business days (if you need it for a longer period of time, please let us know.)
  • If you do not return the DVD/Blu-ray or movie script, you will be billed $25 for the cost of re-ordering the film or movie script. You are financially responsible for the media if it is lost, stolen, or broken.
  • Federal Law prohibits the illegal duplication of these videos.
  • Please return the DVD/Blu-ray or script to the person you requested from.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Check-Out Form.

Below is the CMI Movie Database:

Movie: Director: DVD/Blu-ray:
12 Angry Men Lumet DVD/itunes
2001 a Space Odyssey Kubrick  DVD/itunes
4 Little Girls Lee  DVD
7 Complete Documentary Shorts  DVD
8 1/2 Fellini DVD/itunes
14 Days In America LaMont  DVD/itunes
40-Year-Old-Virgin, The Apatow  DVD/itunes
About Schmidt Payne DVD/itunes
Akira Otomo DVD/itunes
All Souls Day DVD/itunes
Amadeus Forman DVD/itunes
American Psycho Harron DVD/itunes
An American Paris Minnelli DVD/itunes
Annie Hall Allen DVD/itunes
As Good As It Gets DVD/itunes
Astro Boy Tezuka & Ishiguro DVD/itunes
Away from Her Sarah Polley DVD/itunes
Back to the Future DVD/itunes
Badlands Malick DVD/itunes
Bad Lieutenant DVD/itunes
Battleship Potemkin Rakhals DVD/itunes
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead Sidney Lumet  DVD
Ben-Hur Wyler DVD/itunes
Best in Show Guest DVD/itunes
Berlin Symphony of a Great City Ruttman DVD/itunes
Big Lebowski, The Coen DVD/itunes
Big Love – First Season HBO Ent DVD/itunes
Blade Runner Scott DVD/itunes
Bloodletting DVD/itunes
Blue Planet: Seas of Life DVD/itunes
Bonnie and Clyde Penn DVD/itunes
Border Lords  DVD
Bound Wachowski DVD/itunes
Bowling for Comlumbine Moore DVD/itunes
Breathless Godard DVD/itunes
Bringing Up Baby Howard Hawks DVD/itunes
Brokeback Mountain Lee DVD/itunes
Cain’s Cutthroats- (look under) My Name is Nobody Osborne DVD/itunes
Cameraman’s Revenge and Other Fantastic Tales DVD/itunes
Capitalist Sharks: Soviet Animation Vs. Greed and Ambition DVD/itunes
Capote Miller DVD
Casablanca Curtis DVD/itunes
Castle in the Sky Miyazaki DVD/itunes
Cheburashka & Vinnie Pukh  DVD
Children of a Lesser God DVD/itunes
Chinatown Polanski DVD/itunes
Christmas Carol, A Disney DVD/itunes
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe Adamson DVD/itunes
Cinematographer Style Fauer DVD/itunes
City Lights Chaplin DVD/itunes
Clerks Kevin Smith DVD/itunes
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Spielberg DVD/itunes
Complete Weird Cartoons, The Legend  DVD
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Clooney  DVD
Conformist, The Bertolucci DVD/itunes
Cries and Whispers DVD/itunes
Curious Case of Benjamin Button Fincher DVD/itunes
Curious George O’Callaghan DVD/itunes
Darjeeling Limited, The Anderson DVD/itunes
Days of Heavan DVD/itunes
Dead and Deader Dinhut DVD/itunes
Departed, The Scorsese  DVD
Documentary Filmmaking: Tips from the Trenches DVD/itunes
Donnie Darko Kelly DVD/itunes
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Kubrick DVD/itunes
Eraserhead Lynch DVD/itunes
Eastern Promises David Croneberg DVD/itunes
East of Eden John Steinbeck DVD/itunes
Easy Rider Hopper DVD/itunes
English Patient, The Minghella DVD/itunes
Enron Gibney  DVD
Equilibrium Wimmer DVD/itunes
E.T Spielberg DVD/itunes
Fantasia/fantasia 2000 dvd/blueray combo Disney DVD/itunes
Fantasia DVD/itunes
Fabulous World of Jules Verne, The Zeman DVD/itunes
Fahrenheit 9/11 Moore  DVD
Family Guy DVD/itunes
Fargo Coen DVD/itunes
Fly, The Cronenberg DVD/itunes
Fog of War, The Morris DVD/itunes
Forrest Gump Zemeckis DVD/itunes
French Connection, The Friedkin DVD/itunes
Freshman, The Bergman DVD/itunes
Ghostbusters Reitman DVD/itunes
Ghost in the Oshii DVD/itunes
Ghost in the Shell: Innocence (look under) Innocence Oshii DVD/itunes
Godfather, The Coppola DVD/itunes
Gods and Monsters Condon DVD/itunes
Goodfellas Scorsese DVD/itunes
Good German, The Soderbergh DVD/itunes
Grand Illusion Jean Renoir DVD/itunes
Grapes of Wrath Henry Fonda DVD/itunes
Graveyard, The Feifer DVD/itunes
Gulliver’s Travels DVD/itunes
Guys and Dolls Mankiewicz DVD/itunes
Hard Candy Slade DVD/itunes
Harold and Maude DVD/itunes
History of Animation (1900-1921) DVD/itunes
Hot Head-(look under) Massacre At Fort Holman  DVD
Hours, The Daldry DVD/itunes
Howl’s Moving Castle Miyazaki DVD/itunes
Hud Ritt DVD/itunes
Ikiru Kurosawa DVD/itunes
IMAX Blue Planet DVD/itunes
Indiana Jones Trilogy Spielberg DVD/itunes
Infernal Affairs Lau & Mak DVD/itunes
Informer, the John Ford DVD/itunes
Innocence DVD/itunes
Into the Wild Sean Penn DVD/itunes
It’s Not TV.It’s HBO DVD
Jackie Brown/Pulp Fiction/Resevoir Dogs Tarentino DVD/itunes
Jan Svankmajor, The Collection Shorts of  DVD
Jaws Spielberg DVD/itunes
Jungle Book, The Reitherman  DVD
King of Kongs, The Seth Gordon DVD/itunes
Kite Runner, the Mark Forster DVD
Lars and the Real Girl Gellespie DVD/itunes
Last Emperor, The Bertolucci DVD/itunes
Lawrence of Arabia Lean DVD/itunes
Life of David Gale, The Parker  DVD
Little Miss Sunshine Dayton & Faris DVD/itunes
Madmen season 1  DVD
March of the Penguins Jacquet DVD/itunes
Massacre At Fort Holman/Hot Head Valerii DVD/itunes
Masters of Russian Animation vol. 1 DVD/itunes
Masters of Russian Animation vol. 2 DVD/itunes
Masters of Russian Animation vol. 3 DVD/itunes
Masters of Russian Animation vol. 4 DVD/itunes
Mean Streets (2) Scorsese DVD/itunes
Melvin and Howard Demme DVD/itunes
Metropolis Lang DVD/itunes
Millenium Actress Kon DVD/itunes
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Liman DVD/itunes
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Capra DVD/itunes
Munich Spielberg DVD/itunes
My Name is Nobody/ Cain’s Cutthroats Valerii DVD/itunes
Mystic River  DVD
Natural, The (2) Levinson DVD/itunes
Needful Things Heston DVD/itunes
New York Doll the movie Whiteley DVD/itunes
New York Stories DVD/itunes
Night of the Living Dead Romero DVD/itunes
Once Upon A Time in the West Leone DVD/itunes
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Kubrick DVD/itunes
On the Waterfront Kazan DVD/itunes
Onward to the Shining Future: Animation and the big Soviet Lie DVD/itunes
Out of Africa Pollack DVD/itunes
Out of the Past DVD/itunes
Over the Hedge Johnson DVD/itunes
Papillion Schaffner DVD/itunes
Pan’s Labyrinth del Toro DVD/itunes
Paper Moon Bogdanovich DVD/itunes
Pearl, The DVD/itunes
Persepolis DVD/itunes
Persona DVD/itunes
Passenger, The Antonioni DVD/itunes
Peter Pan Geronimi DVD/itunes
Pink Flamingos Waters DVD/itunes
Planes, Trains, & Automobiles Hughes DVD/itunes
Planet Earth DVD/itunes
Point of No Return Badham DVD
President’s Analyst, The Flicker DVD/itunes
Princess Mononoke Miyazaki DVD/itunes
Producers, The DVD/itunes
Public Enemy DVD/itunes
Pulp Fiction Tarentino DVD
Puppet Films of Jiri Trnka, The DVD/itunes
Ran Kurosawa DVD/itunes
Raven Tales: Raven and the First People DVD/itunes
Rashomon Toshiro Mifune DVD/itunes
Red Mesa Lapid DVD/itunes
Reservoir Dogs Tarentino DVD/itunes
Ringling College Comp. Animation Reel  DVD
Rome DVD/itunes
Running With Scissors Murphy DVD/itunes
Saved Dannelly  DVD
Saving Private Ryan DVD/itunes
Science of Sleep, The Gondry DVD/itunes
Seabiscuit Ross DVD/itunes
Search and Destroy (look under) Short: Intervention  DVD
Searchers, the DVD/itunes
Seven Samurai Kurosawa DVD/itunes
Shadows Cassavetes DVD/itunes
Shakespeare in Love DVD/itunes
Shane DVD/itunes
Shawshank Redemption, the DVD/itunes
She’s Gotta Have It Lee DVD/itunes
Short Films DVD/itunes
Short Films of David Lynch, The  DVD
Short: Intervention  DVD
shorts!  DVD
Siggraph 2007 Anim. Theatre Prog. Part 1  DVD
Siggraph 2007 Anim. Theatre Prog. Part 2  DVD
Simpsons season 7 DVD/itunes
Slacker DVD
Smoke Wang DVD/itunes
Snow Queen Atamanov DVD/itunes
Snow White (damaged) Disney DVD/itunes
Some Like it Hot Wilder DVD
Sophies Choice Pakula  DVD
Sound Ideas  DVD
South Park: the Movie DVD/itunes
Space Battleship Yamato the Movie DVD/itunes
Spider-Man Rami DVD/itunes
Spirted Away Miyazaki DVD/itunes
Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams Rodriguez DVD/itunes
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Rodriguez DVD/itunes
Stand By Me DVD/itunes
Star Wars: A New Hope Lucas DVD/itunes
Stash DVD
Stash 2  DVD
Stranger than Paradise DVD
Street Car Named Desire Kazan  DVD
Supersize Me Spurlock DVD/itunes
Sweet Home Alabama Tennant DVD/itunes
The Imitation Game Tyldum Blu-Ray
Taxi Driver DVD/itunes
The Terminator DVD/itunes
There Will Be Blood Anerson DVD/itunes
Third Man, the Carol Reed DVD/itunes
Titanic Cameron DVD/itunes
Top Ten Forgotten Cartoons, the DVD/itunes
Tokyo Story Ozu DVD/itunes
Toy Story Lasseter DVD/itunes
Triplets of Belleville DVD/itunes
Triumph of the Will Riefenstahl DVD
Truman Show, The Weir DVD/itunes
V for Vendetta McTeigue DVD/itunes
Vertigo Hitchcock DVD/itunes
Walk the Line Mangold DVD/itunes
Wal*Mart The High Cost of Low Price Greenwald DVD/itunes
Walt: The Man behind the Myth Isbouts DVD/itunes
Watermelon Woman, The DVD/itunes
Who killed the electric car? Paine DVD/itunes
Wild One, the DVD/itunes
Winsor McCay DVD/itunes
Wizards Bakshi DVD/itunes
Women & Men : Stories of Seduction DVD/itunes
Wordplay Creadon DVD/itunes
Yearling, The DVD/itunes
Young Frankenstein Brooks DVD/itunes
Zathura Favreau DVD/itunes
300 Blu-Ray
12 Years a Slave McQueen Blu-Ray
A Beautiful Mind Blu-Ray/itunes
Across the Universe Taymore Blu-Ray/itunes
Amelie Jeunet Blu-Ray
American Hustle O. Russel Blu-Ray/itunes
Amour Haneke Blu-Ray
Apocalypse Now Coppola Blu-Ray/itunes
Artist, The Blu-Ray/itunes
Avatar Cameron Blu-Ray/itunes
Argo Blu-Ray
Beasts of the Southern Wild Zeitlin Blu-Ray/itunes
Big Hero 6 Disney Blu-Ray
Blood Simple Barenholtz Blu-Ray/itunes
Casino Royale Campbell Blu-Ray/itunes
Christmas Carol, A Blu-Ray/itunes
Citizens Kane Welles Blu-Ray/itunes
Conjuring, The James Wan Blu-Ray/itunes
Crimson Tide Scott Blu-Ray/itunes
Dallas Buyers Club Vallee Blu-Ray/itunes
Descendants, The Payne Blu-Ray/itunes
Fantasia Fantasia 2000 Blu-Ray/itunes
Flight Zemeckis Blu-Ray/itunes
Frozen Buck, Lee Blu-Ray/itunes
Godzilla Blu-Ray/itunes
Grave of the Fireflies Isao Takahata Blu-Ray
Gravity Cuaron Blu-Ray/itunes
Help, the Taylor Blu-Ray/itunes
Howl’s Moving Castle Miyazaki Blu-Ray/itunes
Hugo Blu-Ray/itunes
Identity Thief Gordon Blu-Ray/itunes
Interstellar Nolan Bluray/itunes
Inside Out Blu-Ray/itunes
Illusionist, The Sylvain Chomet Blu-Ray/itunes
Juno Reitman Blu-Ray/itunes
Jurassic World Trevorrow Bluray/itunes
Lego Movie, The Lord/Miller Blu-Ray/itunes
Les Miserables Hooper Blu-Ray
Life of Pi Ang Lee Blu-Ray/itunes
Lilo and Stitch Blu-Ray
Lincoln Blu-Ray/itunes
Lives of Others, The Donnersmarch Blu-Ray
M Lang Blu-Ray
Man on Fire Scott Blu-Ray
Marley and Me David Frankel Blu-Ray/itunes
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Weir Blu-Ray/itunes
Memento Nolan Blu-Ray/itunes
Michael Clayton Blu-Ray/itunes
Moneyball Miller Blu-Ray/itunes
Monsters University Scanlon Blu-Ray/itunes
Mr. Peabody & Sherman Blu-Ray/itunes
Night at the Museum Blu-Ray/itunes
Nikita Besson Luc Blu-Ray/itunes
No Country for Old Men Coen Blu-Ray/itunes
Oscar Winning Collection 2012 Blu-Ray/itunes
Oscar Winning Collection 2013 itunes only
Paprika Satoshi Kon Blu-Ray/itunes
Peanuts Movie, The Blu-Ray/itunes
Pearl Harbor Bay Blu-Ray/itunes
Pinocchio Blu-Ray/itunes
Pixar Shorts Blu-Ray
Pixar Shorts 2 Blu-Ray
Point of No Return Badham Blu-Ray
Raging Bull Scorsese Blu-Ray/itunes
Rango Blu-Ray/itunes
Ratatouilee Blu-Ray/itunes
Rise of the Guardians Blu-Ray/itunes
Run Away Jury Fleder Blu-Ray/itunes
Run Lola Run Tykwer Blu-Ray
Scott Pilgrim Edgard Write Blu-Ray/itunes
Silver Linings O. Russel Blu-Ray/itunes
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Blu-Ray/itunes
Surf’s Up Brannon and Buck Blu-Ray/itunes
The Boxtrolls
The Good Dinosaur
The Desendent Blu-Ray/itunes
The Good Shepherd De Niro Blu-Ray/itunes
The Odd Life of Timothy Green Hedges Blu-Ray/itunes
The Role of Games Blu-Ray/itunes
The Sound of Music Rodgers and Hammerstein Blu-Ray
The Theory of Everything Marsh Blu-Ray
The Tree of life Blu-Ray/itunes
Tinker Tailer Soilder Soy Blu-Ray/itunes
Tron Legacy Kosinski Blu-Ray/itunes
Up Pixar Blu-Ray
West Side Story Robins and Wise Blu-Ray/itunes
Wizards Bakshi Blu-Ray/itunes
Wolf of Wallstreet, The Scorsese Blu-Ray/itunes
Wreck it Ralph Moore Blu-Ray/itunes
Zero Dark Thirty Blu-Ray
Brave One, The Taylor, Taylor and Mort Script
Bucket List, The Zachman Script
Capote Futterman Script
Cast away Broyles Script
Chronicles Vanderbilt Script
Constant Gardener, The Caine Script
Dan in Real Life Gardner and Hedges Script
Dream Girls Condon Script
Flags of our Fathers Broyles and Haggis Script
Good German, The Attanasi Script
Good Night and Good Luck Clooney and Heslov Script
Good Will Hunting Damon and Affleck Script
Green Mile, The Darabont Script
History Boys, The Bennett Script
I * Huckabees Russell and Baena Script
In the Valley of Elah Haggis Script
Letters From Iwo Jima Yamashita Script
Mighty Heart, A Orlof Script
North Country Seitzman Script
Painted Veil, The Nyswaner Script
Reservation Road Schwartz and George Script
Royal Tenenbaums, The Anderson and Wilson Script
Rushmore Anderson and Wilson Script
Sideways Payne and Taylor Script
Squid and the Whale, The Baumbach Script
Starting Out In the Evening Parnes and Wagner Script
Story of Murder, The Birkin, eichinger and Tykwer Script
Syriana Gaghan Script
When Harry Met Sally Ephron Script
Wild Strawberries Bergman Script
World trade Center Berloff Script

Film/Script Check-Out Form