CMI Facilities

Milton Hall
CMI is located in Milton Hall. Milton Hall is home to Division of Student Success, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, the Teaching Academy, the radio and television studios for the public broadcasting affiliates, KRWG-FM and KRWG-TV, and now the Creative Media Institute.
Digital Media Theater
THX Certified Cinemas offer movie-goers the ultimate cinematic experience. Every THX Certified Cinema is designed and tested to ensure that it meets all standards for sound and picture excellence. The CMI Cinema will be used as a teaching facility, sound mixing facility, will be home to CMI’s Film Series, and will be used to premiere projects produced by CMI students and faculty.
Post Production Lab
The Post Production Lab allows students to work on their projects using the same technology as professional editing in the film-making centers of the world. All CMI labs operate on an extended schedule so students can have the time needed to produce their projects.
2D & 3D Animation Lab
The animation areas of concentration include classical animation, character animation, visual effects, 3D computer animation, science visualization and interactive animation. The fundamental goal of the program is to teach students how to tell their stories in ways that are innovative and original and the program emphasizes imagination, creativity and critical thinking.
The Writing Lab
CMI offers both beginning and advanced screenwriting. In the course of two semesters, the student will write a ten-minute script and a draft of a full-length script. There are opportunities through the collaboration of various areas within the Institute for a student to see her/his work in various workshop situations (rehearsals, produced scenes, produced short script).
The Sound Design Lab
Sound is an integral part of narrative films. Whether it’s the creepy score to a horror film or the unending gun shots and car crashes in an action film, having a properly sound designed film is an essential component to the storytelling for a film. Sound design has three parts: Planning, production, and post-production. The sound recordists determines which tools are best suited for the shoot and goes on tech scouts to prepare for any sound recording.
Operations is responsible for acquiring and maintaining production equipment – camera, sound, lighting and grip – used in the production of CMI’s films. Additionally, operations trains students in the proper and safe use of the equipment and consults on student and CMI productions to determine the equipment needed and to solve the logistics of transporting the equipment to and from locations.
Motion Capture
Motion capture is a techniques used by Animators and filmmakers to record movement, this movement(bone structure) is applied to any object using 3D applications, such us Autodesk Maya or Motion Builder. A motion capture professional uses optical and non-optical systems to technically carry out the motion capture process and be able to create smooth objects transitions and movements.
Motion Control
Motion control technology has the ability to accomplish planned movements by using computer software and robotic science. CMI is grateful to share this industry-standard technology and state-of-the-art motion control rig with cmi students to elaborate quality films and tv advertisements.