CMI Equipment Room Policies


  • There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the policy. If you have any changes or scheduling adjustments to make to your checkout or check-in please notify the Equipment Room as soon as possible.
  • Student equipment checkout is limited to CMI class or Reel Cinema Club projects Students may NOT checkout equipment for outside projects.
    • Equipment requests are subject to inquiry by equipment room staff and faculty.



    • Equipment wish lists must be filled out completely, legibly, and submitted to Equipment Room Staff at least 24 hours before your requested checkout date. Larger scale projects with full production crews will require at least 5 day notice and must be broken up into individualized crew departments. No walk-in checkouts are permitted.
    • All equipment requests must be submitted in person. Email request are no longer allowed. Student must be present to turn in their wish list and must stay until their check-in/check-out times are scheduled with the equipment room staff. Drop off wish list run the risk of being lost in the shuffle.
    • Keep in mind that a wish list submission does not guarantee availability of all equipment on the wish list. We will do our best to provide comparable substitution equipment if necessary.
    • If the equipment you ask for is scheduled for use by an instructor for in-class demonstration, the instructor will get top priority.
    • Check-outs will only be conducted from 12-4:30pm Mon.-Fri., Check-ins will only be conducted from 9am-12pm Mon.-Fri., please plan your shoots accordingly.
    • Most of the equipment at CMI is divided into kits, and the equipment room WILL NOT BREAK UP KITS FOR INDIVIDUAL ITEMS.
    • It is your responsibility to request all the items needed for your shoot. The equipment room staff will pull equipment as requested on the wish list. If you forget to ask for an item we will assume you don’t need it.
    • Equipment cannot be checked out over university break periods. (Spring break/Thanksgiving break)
    • Equipment is to be used for that night/weekend only.
    • You will not be able to check out more than once for the same project. It is your responsibility to shoot everything you need on your own time.  No repeat checkouts will be allowed (unless previously approved by instructor and equipment manager)
    • Thursday checkouts must be returned the next day, and are not an extended weekend period.



    • Be early for your check-out. Try to be at least 10 minutes early for your check-out. This will allow the equipment room staff to address any issues or conflicts with your request and make any last minute substitutions as needed.
    • Check-outs generally take 15 minutes to conduct. Make sure to give yourself enough time. The equipment room staff will not rush a checkout just because you are in a hurry.
    • If you are more than 20 minutes late, and do not contact the equipment room, your equipment will be returned to the shelf, you will not be able to check-out, and you will have to fill out a new request form for a future date.
    • It is YOUR responsibility to check all pulled equipment to make sure it is what you need, and is in the proper working condition. Once it leaves the equipment room, you are financially responsible for everything.
    • If you have a lot of equipment, bring your crew/group members to help with your check-out.
    • Any equipment checked out in your name, is your

If someone helps you with your project, know that if anything happens, you will be held financially responsible for any damages or missing equipment.

  • Do not leave the equipment room without signing your check-out form. The check-out form is a legally binding contract. If equipment is taken without being signed for, it is considered stolen property and NMSU police will be notified.



    • Be on time for your check-in. Your equipment should be unloaded and at the door ready to be checked at your scheduled time. If you need a cart to unload your equipment then get here early to give yourself enough time.
    • You schedule your check-in time for a reason. Do not show up hours before your scheduled check-in time hoping to check-in. If you are late, you will affect other students’ scheduled times. Do not schedule check-ins during your class times or equipment room off-hours. If you live out of town then you need to make accommodations to get your equipment back on time during check-in hours. We will not break policy to suit your convenience.
    • You must be present during the entire check-in process. Equipment room staff will not be rushed just because you are in a hurry.
    • All equipment must be present, clean, and organized at check-in.
    • All equipment must be checked-in in the same or better condition as when it was checked out.
    • All cables must be wrapped properly. All packs must be neatly packed and organized. All equipment must be clean and free of debris. If the equipment room staff finds anything dirty or unwrapped they will send it back out with you to fix or clean.
    • Do not store equipment that you check-out in your vehicle or anywhere they can be subjected to extreme cold or hot conditions. This is especially important for camera, lenses, and sound equipment.
    • When planning your shoots, make sure to plan for proper storage of equipment.
    • It is your responsibility to back up all of your footage before your check-in time.
    • All SD cards and footage will be erased upon check-in.
    • Do not check-in and then ask for additional time to backup your footage.
    • Missing items no matter the size will be addressed according to our equipment replacement policy. Broken or missing equipment will result in revocation of equipment privileges and/ or paying for replacement equipment.
    • The student who signs the check-out form will be held solely responsible for all charges of replacement equipment.




Any student who violates the policies listed above is subject to disciplinary action.  A Strike will be noted next to your name on a record board for each violation. A second strike will result in a two-week suspension of equipment room privileges.  It may be possible to accrue multiple strikes for a single check-in/check-out. For every day that equipment is late, another strike will be added.  After 3 days, missing equipment will be reported as stolen to the NMSU police. More severe infractions, or repeat offenses may result in more severe punishment. The equipment manager reserves the right to issue a semester long or permanent ban of equipment privileges based if gross negligence or severe offenses.


If you check-in and equipment is missing or broken, equipment room staff will identify the exact brand and quality of that equipment and notify the student of the costs of replacements.  All CMI faculty and staff equipment replacement decisions are final. CMI will procure all replacement equipment.

All expenses associated with broken or missing equipment must be paid within 2 weeks of notification of the expense to replace the broken or missing equipment.  A “hold” will be placed upon any student’s academic record failing to make payment within 2 weeks of notification.  All outstanding debts will be sent to the NMSU registrar and charges will be placed on a students account.  In addition, all equipment checkout privileges will be revoked until payment is made.  A receipt for the full amount must be presented to the equipment room staff in order to reinstate equipment room privileges.  Extenuating circumstances can be brought to the attention of the Equipment Room Manager and the Equipment Room Faculty Committee.  Any appeals must be made in three days of the initial offense.  The decision of the equipment room faculty group is final.