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Jesse Rogers | CRU | ANVE ’11

When did you graduate from CMI?

Where are you and what are you doing now?
I’m in Austin, Tx. I do Creative media for Cru. Film, editing, and animation.

What do you like most about what you’re doing?
I always loved creating. I get to do that everyday. I also work for a non profit so everything I create is for a purpose and not for money. Cru the organization I work for is all about changed lives. Thier focus is on improving lives and I get to help do that with the content I create. It’s really awesome.

What are some projects/jobs that you’ve worked on since graduating?
I helped make a video about who is your neighbor according to the Bible. It was short but got 24k views in 24 hour period. I also get to show my work in front of a live audience. I have made conference opener videos to pump up 1,000 college students at a winter conference. Seeing them get excited and cheer from a video I made is a great feeling.

What classes and learning experiences at CMI were the most valuable in building towards your current job?
What helped the most was the broad range of creative media classes. I focused on computer animation at NMSU but all classes outside that focus has helped me greatly. I use sound design, cinematography, editing, script, and story in the content I create. Learning all those skills and the many different programs at NMSU helped me stay very adaptable and flexible in my job. Because of the nature of my work I can get crazy short deadlines, poor quality videos

What are you doing when you aren’t working?
I just became a dad. So hanging with my daughter is my new favorite thing. She is the greatest gift in my life I was given. I also love fly fishing, video games, and hiking fourteeners.

What’s some advice you would give a CMI student (or maybe potential CMI student) about their time at CMI?
Focus on learning. Even the classes you don’t like will have very useful nuggets in it that will help you in your future job. There were things I learned in cmi that I though would not be valuable to me and my area of focus that ended up being very useful.

Where can people see your work?
A lot of stuff I work on needs to be secure and protected so it’s not open to the public. Some stuff is at this link.

Link to your website:

Thanks for sharing with us, Jesse! What’s next for you?
I love my job with Cru. It’s very rewarding and I have a great sense of purpose working for them. I don’t see myself working anywhere else.