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Television Academy Foundation Fellowship Welcomes CMI Student Dominic Vincent

CMI senior Dominic Vincent has been accepted by the Television Academy as their sole production fellow for 2021. 

The Fellowship program offered by the Television Academy Foundation (the organization behind the Emmy Awards) teaches upper-level and recently-graduated students how to navigate and succeed in the television industry. The program attracts thousands of applicants across the country and features weekly career-building panels from leaders in television, as well as personal mentorship from industry professionals. Vincent aims to use this fellowship not only to learn and build career skills, but also to develop connections and network with successful film and television professionals.

television_academy_logo_00.pngThe Television Academy Foundation Fellowship recieves thousands of applicants in areas like cinematography, editing, and production.

Vincent, a native of Carlsbad NM, was drawn to film for its encompassing nature. “It’s the ultimate artistic and storytelling medium – it’s a mix of stories and writing, visual art, music – there’s just so many things that can be done to make films, to truly create something meaningful, that other art forms can’t do.” With his focus on visual elements of filmmaking like cinematography and editing, the fellowship, which focuses on production, was right up his alley.

Vincent was encouraged to apply for the internship in his Portfolio Design course led by Professor Ilana Lapid. “Without that class, I truly might never have had the confidence to apply for this fellowship.” Vincent said. “I had already built my brand as an artist, and gotten to know myself over the semester, so I thought, ‘What’s the worst that can happen? Worst case scenario, they tell me no.’”



Stills from Vincent's projects "My Brother's Keeper" and "Suits"

After applying in December of last year, Vincent was chosen as a finalist for the program, and accepted in March. “I just want to thank CMI as a whole.” Vincent reflected. “My professors who pushed me to succeed, to grow, to set a higher standard for myself, to truly understand myself as a filmmaker and artist. My fellow classmates who supported me, who worked with me, who helped me succeed. To the program for creating such a wonderful atmosphere of success and support that students like me – first-gen college students who grew up in less-than-ideal circumstances – can move on up and succeed in ways they never thought possible.”

Cabin2020CreekShootProfilePicture-1.jpgDominic Vincent