How to checkout.


  1. Go to  
  2. Make an account with your NMSU email and your phone number, other types of emails will be not accepted. 
  3. Turn in a copy of the Equipment Room Policies signed with printed name and the classes you will need to check out equipment for. 
  4. After both are completed, the Equipment Room staff will approve your account and assign a role based on your current classes.
  5. To complete checkout, go to and select a date and time for check-out and check-in.
  6. Then, use the dropdown menus to reserve your equipment
  7. Note: Batteries come separately so make sure to reserve them!
  8. The Equipment Room staff will then approve your checkout.
  9. If approved you will get a confirmation email/text to show up at the designated time



Policies For Checkout

  • Student equipment check-out is limited to Creative Media Institute classes and CMI approved
    • Before students earn check-out privileges, a copy of this document must be signed, printed, and turned in to the equipment room in
  • All check-out wish lists must be submitted via our EQ Checkout
    • In order for your account to be approved, you must use your existing NMSU (New Mexico State University) email address.
    • Equipment can only be checked out for one day except on weekends.
  • Equipment wish lists must be filled out completely and submitted at least 24 hours before the requested check-out
  • Instructors get top priority for in-class
  • Check-out lists may be submitted as a group or individually. Responsibility is shared among the group
    • Class instructor will be responsible for providing group lists and names; this list must match the one provided at check-out.
  • Specific CMI classes have specific equipment lists available for them
  • The equipment listed as a kit may not be broken down into individual
    • Make sure you make yourself available for at least 20 minutes for equipment check-outs and check-ins.
      • If you are 15 minutes late, you will be penalized unless you contact the equipment room beforehand stating that you are going to be late. If you are more than 30 minutes late, multiple penalties can occur from one instance.
      • Equipment room staff will not rush a check-out for any reason.
      • It is your responsibility to double-check that your equipment request is
      • Larger check-outs might take up to 45
  • No more than two check-outs may be scheduled at the same time. In the event that your desired time is not available the equipment room staff will try to schedule the closest available time slot. Please make sure you check your messages to confirm the time.
    • Once checked out, you are responsible for the equipment’s safekeeping. If anything is lost, damaged, or otherwise rendered useless it is your duty to report the incident to the equipment
      • Make sure you store the equipment in a safe space. Do not store CMI equipment in your car or any place with extreme
      • Equipment must be returned clean and in good condition (normal wear and tear excepted).
    • Lost or broken items must be replaced by paying for the
      • Students responsible for reimbursing the CMI in case of an incident must meet with the CMI Admin Assistant to work out a payment method; by default, CMI will charge student accounts for Please notify the admin if you prefer another charging method.
      • There is a 10-day limit to arrange the payment. Until then, equipment check-out privileges are revoked.

To maintain equipment privileges and access, students must adhere to these policies. Failure to comply will result in the student(s) receiving a mark in their EQ Checkout account. Each subsequent mark will have negative consequences that will affect their equipment privileges




Equipment Room Marks System


The Creative Media Institute staff has the authority to place marks on student accounts that have broken the equipment room policies. A mark will be placed next to your name on a record for each violation. Each additional mark will have cumulative consequences. This information will be available to the CMI faculty but will be private from other students. Each mark will have the following consequences:

Mark 1: Upon receiving the first mark, the student will have to explain the circumstances that led to breaking the equipment room’s policy. Additionally, the respective instructor will be notified.

Mark 2: In addition to the stated above; check-out privileges will be put on hold for five business days, as well as requiring they complete a workshop with the equipment room’s staff in order to improve their work ethics and/or equipment knowledge.

Mark 3: In addition to the stated above; equipment checkout privileges will be immediately revoked. The student must arrange a meeting with the equipment room manager where they will have the opportunity to argue in their favor. After the meeting, the equipment room will take 3 business days to deliberate whether privileges will be re-assigned or will be left revoked.