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Mission and Diversity Statement


Diversity Statement

Like the production of any successful film, CMI understands it is essential to include and foster partnerships with artists from all backgrounds to achieve the same goal – to tell a great story well. This is the heart of our philosophy at CMI and as educators we are committed to training the next generation of storytellers to become content creators and change makers who will work for diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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Mission Statement

The Creative Media Institute is dedicated to developing and nurturing the artistic endeavors of student filmmakers through industry-standard education, research, and collaboration in the art, craft, and production of the moving image through storytelling, resulting in a Bachelor’s of Creative Media degree.


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In alignment with the state’s Feb. 17, 2022, Public Health Order, masks are optional, but not required at most indoor NMSU buildings and facilities. 

Masks remain an effective tool for reducing the risk of COVID-19, and we strongly encourage those who wish to wear a mask to continue to do so. While they are not required, masks are available for free in our classrooms, or our CMI Box Office in Millton Hall 172. 



Students who will be present on any NMSU campus are required to receive a primary vaccine series and a booster vaccine by Feb. 9 or submit weekly COVID-19 test results. Test results must be uploaded each week by Thursday at midnight.

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or weekly proof of COVID-19 testing must be uploaded at

Equipment Room




To check out equipment, you must be a student and be approved by the Equipment Room Staff

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Checkout System

Checking out and approval for equipment is done through CMI EQ CHECKOUT

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Labs & Office Hours


Times & Information



The office is open from 8-5 every weekday in Milton Hall.


Labs are open to students with a key card from 8-5 everyday.




Tutorials on some of the systems that we offer to students

Connecting to Davinci

Davinci is a server that is used in classes for file transfer and submitting assignments


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Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktop is a system to use the labs from your computer, it is to facilitate remote learning.


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For questions about our department or film and animation, follow this link to get to a form to leave your questions.

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