Project Request Form

If you have a project such as a commercial, music video, live event, social media content, or others and you need a crew to do it, the CMI can help you find people to help you with your project. Please fill out the embedded Project Request Form and we will try to connect you with someone with the necessary skills. 

The CMI does not carry out negotioations with you or for the crew. We only serve as an intermediary for you to find the contact information of qualified filmmakers. The rest is up to you and the contact we provide. 

Please understand that film work, videography, editing and other such skills are highly valued. The skills, time, and gear that goes into film production usually come with an hourly rate. We ask you to be reasonable and set your expectations in proportion to your budget. 

If you do not have a project budget and instead are looking for voluntaries, the CMI can help you find students or faculy members that can assist you. Depending on the project requirements (such as dates) there might be very few people available to work. The CMI does not guarantee that skilled or advanced students will be able to fulfill your request. 

Whether the project is paid or voluntary, we ask you to contact us with as much time as possible to help you find the crew you need. The earlier you submit this request form the more time we will have to find the right person (s) for your project. 

CMI does not rent out production equipment or facilities.

We will contact you within a week.

Thank you.


*If you are lost and you're not sure where to start or don't know exactly what you need, please call 575.646.5671 or email and we'll help guide you through the process.