New Mexico State University’s Creative Media Institute (CMI) offers the Bachelor of Creative Media degree. CMI is a dynamic cross-disciplinary program that prepares students for the 21st century in Digital Filmmaking and Animation & Visual Effects.

The CMI curriculum focuses on the art, craft, and business of storytelling. Our students choose one area of emphasis, but they study all aspects of digital filmmaking and digital arts, whether they are aspiring writers, directors, cinematographers, animators.

Theory and practice are integrated at every step. Students manipulate text, sound, images, and cinema using industry-standard technology. CMI houses a state of the art digital projection system screening room, post-production lab, animation lab, and production space.

CMI is the place to learn your craft and find your voice-to master the artistic process and technical skills needed to realize your vision. More Information for Prospective Majors.

Mission Statement
The Creative Media Institute is dedicated to developing and nurturing the artistic endeavors of student filmmakers through industry-standard education, research, and collaboration in the art, craft, and production of the moving image through storytelling, resulting in a Bachelor’s of Creative Media degree.