Faculty Publications

NMSU Creative Writing faculty have an impressive list of publications. In 2023, Brandon Hobson will release his first young adult book, “The Storyteller,” about the power of narrative in his Cherokee community. This year during his Guggenheim Fellowship, Hobson is also developing a novel derived from Native experiences in reform schools. Rus Bradburd recently returned from a Fulbright Fellowship in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he began a nonfiction book about Syrian refugee children, assimilating through traditionally Gaelic sports. In his fiction and nonfiction, Bradburd deals with the intersection of sports, race, and culture. Connie Voisine is completing her fifth book of poems focused about women in the genre of detective and crime writing. She is also translating a book of French poems by contemporary Togolese Poet Patron Henekou. Richard Greenfield is currently working on a new book of poetry, many poems are on the nature of sound, music, and hearing, especially in the dichotomy of organic nature and virtual nature. Our move to the Creative Media Institute means our students have working writers from whom they can learn screenwriting, writing for television, and the stage, with CMI faculty Amy Lanasa, Ross Marks and Ilana Lapid.


 Brandon Hobson

The Removed Cover Art
The Storyteller Cover Art
Where the Dead Sit Talking Cover Art

Rus Bradburd

All the Dreams We've Dreamed Cover Art
Make It Take It Cover Art
Forty Minutes of Hell Cover Art

Richard Greenfield

Tracer Cover Art
Subterranean Cover Art
A Carnage in the Lovetrees Cover Art

Connie Voisine

The Bower Cover Art
And God Created Women Cover Art
Calle Florista Cover Art

Philip Hurst

Whisky Boys Cover Art

Aldo Amparan

Brother Sleep cover