Application FAQ's

Pre-Application Questions

  1. Who is on the committee that accepts the applications?
    1. The committee is faculty within CMI – half are Digital Filmmaking (DFM) and half are Animation and Visual Effects (ANVE). The DFM faculty will assess DFM submissions, and the ANVE faculty will assess ANVE submissions.
  2. Do we have to have completed all the specific classes listed in order to be admitted? Will other classes supplement? If we still need a few required pre-requisite courses would it be wise to wait to apply to the program?
    1. The student is required to register for and take prerequisite courses to be accepted into the program; however, if you are not able to get into a prerequisite course before applying because of classes filling, then please still apply. The committee will take the limited seating of CMI courses into consideration when a student is applying.
  1. What’s the percentage of people getting into the program?
    1. A. The percentage of people getting into the program varies with the number of applicants per semester.
  1. Can you still apply after you already commenced your bachelor's degree or is that already too late?
    1. Second-degree seeking students are given the same consideration as first-degree seeking students.  However, it is important to know that Animation and Digital Filmmaking classes are very time consuming, and it can be difficult to build a full-time schedule of 15 student credit hours of only Animation or Digital Filmmaking courses. 

Portfolio Questions

  1. Are we supposed to submit only one piece of work? Or several, like a portfolio? Does your art portfolio have to be in a specific size? Do I submit all my work in any specific formats? 
    1. A. You may consider this a mini-portfolio. Please submit no more than 8 drawings or photographs or individual pieces of work. If submitting written work, submit no more than 5 pages. Your creative work needs to be uploaded as one file. 
    2. File Size Limit is 1GB.
    3. Allowed files are doc, pdf, ppt, docx, jpg, gif, mov, mp4, avi, mp3.
    4. MP4s for videos (no more than 5 min max).
  1. What required classes do I need to fulfill before I apply?
    1. A GPA minimum of 2.5.
    2. You must have successfully completed or be in the process of completing the following: History of Animation (ANVE requirement) OR Introduction to Creative Media (DFM requirement); Principles of Story; Composition 1 (ENGL 1110G); and Survey of Mathematics (MATH 1130G).  Students showing progress in developmental Math and English classes will also be considered. 
  1. What should people who have no experience and are just coming into this field, who haven’t drawn, created a story, do for their portfolio?
    1. You could submit: written work, such as short stories, poems, or scripts (no more than 5 pages); artwork such as sketches/drawings, photographs, pictures of your: sculptures or 3D models; design work such as graphic design, set design, concept illustration, or web design; cinematic work such as short films/videos, 2D/3D animations, audio projects, storyboards, or recorded performances. 
  1. Can our artwork be drawings of characters from movies or does it have to be original? What constitutes original work?
    1. Please submit original work - consider the words spoken by graphic artist Caroline Clark: “if I’m inspired by someone else’s work, I can pick one thing from it to incorporate into my work: color palette, shapes, line work, texture, font, possibly subject matter (but not too close). When you take too many of these things from someone else you’re robbing yourself and the world of what you’re actually capable of. And, yes, sometimes it takes longer for that kind of supernatural inspiration to strike which can take painful patience. But everyone has a unique story and experiences that beautifully and uniquely shape their artistic vision.”
  1. Can I submit work with other contributors involved with submission?
    1. Yes, but please make it clear, within your essay, which part you participated in.
  1. For the essay portion where it says, 'how the work demonstrates artistic vision,' what would that entail?
    1. CMI is asking you to showcase work that defines you and why you selected that artwork to showcase you and your creativity.  We can teach you to technically be a better artist/writer/animator/filmmaker, etc.  We cannot teach you what it is that you believe about the world, or how you’re going to use your creative work to communicate your individual point of view. 

Follow-Up Questions

  1. If we apply for both applications and get accepted to both, are we allowed to take both? Or are we only allowed to choose between one.
    1. Double majoring in Digital Filmmaking and Animation will significantly delay your graduation time.  You are allowed to major in one and minor in the other, though. 
  1. How long will it take to notify us if we made it into the CMI Program?
    1. Notification of admission decisions will be sent to students via email no later than March 31 st for the Fall Semester, and October 31 st for the Spring Semester. Newly admitted students will be required to receive academic advising for registration for courses to be taken the following semester.
  1. If you’ve had a portfolio accepted for the animation program, but you’re starting to want to learn film instead, do you have to submit another portfolio or are you still “in?”
    1. You only need to be accepted once in to the CMI program. If you change your focus once you’re in the program, that is acceptable.  This must be approved by the department head. 
  1. How many times can I reapply to the CMI program? What happens if I don’t get accepted?
    1. No one is ever rejected from CMI. You may be waitlisted, and invited to apply again.  You may apply as many times as necessary. Most students who are waitlisted are accepted when they reapply the first time. 
  1. Technical questions, like: how do I compress my file? How do I combine pages into one pdf? Should be directed to