Program Highlights

College of Arts and Sciences
Bachelor of Creative Media
Admission Requirements
Complete CMI Application and current 2.5 GPA
Course Requirements
120 credits with 48 credits in courses numbered 300 or above.
NMSU Yearly Tuition

* NMSU Yearly Tuition is based on the Undergraduate Flat Rate of enrollment 15 or more credit hours.

Best film school between Austin and Los Angeles

The Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University offers the Bachelor of Creative Media, available in either Digital Film Making or Animation and Visual Effects. The curriculum focuses on the art, craft, and business of storytelling. Students choose an area of emphasis, but they study all aspects of digital filmmaking and digital arts, whether they are aspiring writers, producers, directors, editors, or cinematographers. Theory and practice are integrated at every step as students manipulate text, sound, and images using industry-standard technology. CMI houses a state-of-the-art digital projection screening room, post-production lab, animation lab, and production space.

CMI has had the fortunate opportunity to collaborate with filmmakers around the region and give our students real industry experience through our special feature film classes. Such projects include A Long Road to Tao, The Gila Film School, and The Santa Assist. 

Course Requirements

Foundation Courses
FDMA 1555 Introduction to the Creative Media Industry  3
FDMA 2510 Introduction to Sound Design for Film 3
or FDMA 1415 Principles of Sound
FDMA 2520 Introduction to Cinematography 3
or FDMA 1210 Digital Video Production I
FDMA 1220 Introduction to Digital Video Editing  3
FDMA 2382 Principles of Story Across the Media  3
or ENGL 2382 Narrative: Principles of Story Across the Media
FDMA 2310 History of Cinema I 3
FDMA 303 Cinema Review and Critique 3
or ENGL 303 Theory and Criticism: Film, Media and Culture
or ENGL 326 Cultural Identity and Representation Across the Media
FDMA 314 Acting for Film 3
or THEA 311 Acting for Film and Television
FDMA 328 Producing 3
or FDMA 305 Business of Filmmaking/Animation
FDMA 497 Portfolio Design and Development 3
FDMA Elective Courses
Select 27 credits from the following (21 credits must be 300 level and above):  27
History of Animation 3
Storyboarding 3
Beginning 2D Animation 3
Foundations of 3D Animation 3
Film Crew I/ Introduction to Film and Media Workflow  9
Film Crew II  9
Digital Video Production I  3
Digital Video Production II  3
Digital Video Production and Editing II  3
Pre-production Management  3
History of Cinema II 3
Sound Design II 3
Business of Filmmaking/Animation 3
Writing for Animation 3
Screenwriting I 3
Cinematography II 3
Editing II 3
Adventures in Genre 3
Border Cinema Around the World 3
Documentary Production 3
Race and Gender in Film 3
Visual Effects I 3
Directing I 3
Directing II 3
Practicum 1-3
Special Topics 3
Directed Studies 1-6
Cinematography III 3
Screenwriting II 3
Advanced Screenwriting 3
Internship 1-12


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